Acclaim for the 4Tay Records album Were I With Thee, with Michelle Areyzaga, soprano:

5 Stars: A triumphant song recital by Michelle Areyzaga and Dana Brown

“…the music on Were I With Thee is an outpouring of extended and often passionate lyricism. Pianist Dana Brown is a marvelous partner, likewise a master of both the technical and interpretive aspects of the repertoire. … A marvelous recital.”

- Ken Meltzer – Fanfare

Whether singing at a hush or declaiming ecstatically at full volume, Areyzaga makes a powerful impression, and Brown shows himself to be an ever-empathetic and supportive partner. The two invested themselves fully into these performances and the project as a whole. It’s a celebration of women’s words, yes, but also a very clear confirmation of the performers’ artistry and commitment.” Read More

- Ron Schepper – Textura, February, 2022